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      Blog :: 2014

      Should You Engage in a Boston Area Home Stager?

      When you put your home on the market, one of the decisions it’s easy to overlook is whether to engage a Boston area home stager. Especially if you know you have a good eye for décor or have experience in the visual arts, it may not seem necessary to call in a heavy-duty home staging pro to get your place in shape to sell. It’s certainly not [...]

      House Plumbing Could Fall Victim in This Year's Early Chill

      It's easy to be caught off guard when the mercury drops before winter has even begun. And this year a visit from unusually early icy blasts of cold from up north has been the rule almost everywhere in the country. This Holiday Season, even local house owners who don't have to worry about their own Boston area house safety may be visiting [...]

      Relocating to a New Home Can Mean a New Neighborhood as Well

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      When searching for a new house, topping most people's list of requirements are the number of bedrooms, number and configuration of bathrooms, square footage, yard size - characteristics that are easy to compare, Architectural style might be important; asking price, certainly highly important, although many prospective buyers assume some [...]

      Flipping a Home in Boston: Clearing the Finance Barrier

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      In conjunction with the rise in house prices and demand, the profit potential for flipping a home in Boston is once more drawing the entrepreneur-minded.

      Flipping a home is the process of purchasing a property - often one in a rundown condition - then improving its value and reselling it for a quick profit. Quick is the key word in this [...]

      New Fed Leadership is Good News for Buyers.

      On January 6, the Senate confirmed Janet Yellen to head the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors, making it the first time ever that a woman has led the nation's most important financial institution. In some respects, it makes her the most powerful woman in the United States. As with every personnel change in the Fed, Yellen's rise has [...]
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