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      7 Reasons Why to buy now

      In some areas of the country - especially on the high end - buyers are in 2 camps: they want an ultra-bargain or they want to wait-and-see.....

      As we experience these BUYER JITTERS in some markets these are the most valuable reasons why buying now - possibly in a market in decline in areas - is simply smart. What if a recession is coming? Why buy now? We actually may be experiencing the ULTIMATE buyers market, one where there is more choice, pricing is down and negotiability reigns AND financing is available. Here are my TOP 7 reasons why buying now makes sense:

      1. CHOICE: In most seller's markets buyers have fewer choices and often make poor ones out of desperation. Today there are many more choices. Buying the 'best of' always makes the most sense. A-grade real estate weathers storms better and escalates further in up-markets.

      2. NEGOTIABILITY:  Most markets don't allow much - if any - negotiation during a Seller's market. Being able to negotiate a price may allow you to absorb further downward movement....if it comes. If it doesn't - or if its not as much as anticipated - you may have built in an automatic upside.

      3. FINANCING:  Interest rates may be creeping up, yet they are still near historic lows. Most importantly, financing is AVAILABLE. In recessions, people lose jobs and credit dries up and usually. it becomes much tougher to obtain financing.

      4. HATE WASTE:  Every rent check is (after tax) money you will never see again. Every mortgage payment can build equity, a form of a forced savings account.

      5. TAXES: The tax deduction is smaller but $750k is nothing to sneeze at! Yes, it may be smaller, but it's still there. There are still numerous other tax benefits from owning investment real estate.

      6. COMPOUNDED INFLATION: Inflation - especially higher inflation in larger cities - is not going away. Slowly, but certainly, just like compounding interest, this elevates valuation over time. Building materials and labor costs keep rising.

      7. QUALITY OF LIFE:  Most neighborhoods and buildings with owned properties provide a superior quality of life. if you are buying on the high end, chances are you are wealthier. Life is short: live well! Wealth is a rare gift: enjoy its fruits.

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