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      Compass Contemplations For Monday

      DID YOU KNOW? Weekly Gallup polls in the U.S. found 91% of respondents said they had worn a mask in the past 7 days in September, compared with 80% in May. In France, which is experiencing a MASSIVE Covid surge, 72% of people said they were avoiding gatherings and face-to-face meetings as of mid-May, right after the country’s lockdown ended. But by Sept. 23rd, that figure had fallen to 32%. In the same time frame, the percentage who said they greeted others without shaking hands or embracing fell from 88% to 69%. Covid-discipline-fatigue is real and is causing massive new case spikes and deaths in the US and Europe. This is a marathon, not a sprint:  please remain disciplined about keeping distance, wear masks, keep rooms well ventilated and wash hands. (WSJ)


      DID YOU KNOW? According to a survey commissioned by optical retailer Vision Direct, people’s average daily screen time has ballooned to more than 19 hours a day when accounting for viewing multiple devices at once (you know who you are). If this pace continues, a newborn with an average life expectancy will spend nearly 58 years bathed in the glow of laptops, smartphones, televisions and whatever screens 2048 brings. Want to know where the consumers' eyes are: now you know..... (WSJ)

      DID YOU KNOW? Zoom use jumped from 10 million a day in December 2019 to more than 300 million a day by late March. (WSJ)

      DID YOU KNOW? American households watched 4 billion more hours of television in 2020 versus 2019.

      DID YOU KNOW?  Disruption is not a new thing at all..... This past weekend in 1861 Western Union completed the first transcontinental telegraph line across the US, making nearly instantaneous cross-country communication possible for the first time. Previously, it took 10 days for a letter to be sent from Missouri to California via the Pony Express.....two days later the Pony Express shut down operations.

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