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      IP PBX Phone System - Real Estate

      By Michael D. Lyons

      June 30, 2014
      Features and Benefits - IP PBX Phone System
      The single biggest advantage of an IP PBX is for businesses with multiple locations. With VoIP, any and all offices on a LAN or WAN can get the benefits of having a common office phone system, including extension dialing, seamless call transfers, and other features. In addition to making it easier to communicate, this sharing of features can enhance collaboration as employees at different locations can truly feel like they are part of the same organization. Plus, if they are on the company network, the phone calls are free - even if your offices are located thousands of miles apart. Simply looking at your current phone bill for calls between far-flung offices can give you an idea of how much you can save.
      We keep our customers happy and our business growing with Vertical Communication's real estate solutions. Vertical gives Real Estate firms the power to turn your existing phone system into an advanced communications tool that helps capture leads, close sales, increase client satisfaction and improve office productivity.
      Vertical's real estate solutions offer: IP Telephony | VOIP PBX
      An easy-to-use interface that shows your agents who is on the line and who is on hold, so that they can stay on top of hot leads and new sales opportunities. Sophisticated call features that ensure customer satisfaction and increase staff productivity by allowing different call types to be routed differently. For example, a live attendant might answer all sales calls, while maintenance calls are automatically forwarded to a voicemail box that is checked every two hours. Intelligent "find me" call routeing that allows agents on the road to instantly receive calls from clients and from other brokers, making them more responsive to new sales opportunities and eliminating "telephone tag."
      Tracking and logging capabilities for all calls, allowing you to more closely monitor the effectiveness of your sales team. Seamless integration with existing office applications such as Outlook and MS CRM, increasing productivity and efficiency. Built-in conference features that allow your agents to quickly set up a conference call without hiring an expensive third-party conference provider. A software-based infrastructure that can grow rapidly and inexpensively with your business, even when you're opening new locations. Seamless integration with contact databases such as Outlook that increase staff productivity and upselling opportunities by allowing information to be accessed instantly by agents.
      Michael D. Lyons is the Broker at Lyons Group Real Estate. During his 16 years of experience in real estate, Michael has developed a custom approach to real estate combined with an unmatched commitment to client satisfaction.
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